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Even if you don't like the pesky raccoons that raid your garbage cans, you will love Tabasco, another animal orphan that goes wherever Lyn goes: smuggled in her shopping bag on seventeen airplane flights, gambolling behind as she attends classes at university, sitting on her shoulders as she shops. Inseparable companions, they go skiing, swimming, hiking, boating, camping and apple picking. Young and old alike will treasure this book (Tabasco the Saucy Raccoon) Retail price is $12.95.
Tabasco (1 book)
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The original story was first published in 1985 by McClelland and Stewart under the title Tell me, Grandmother. Now updated by Lyn Hancock Books with new information including a miracle, a new cover, and hundreds of additional pictures, both archival and modern. The Ring will appeal to both children and adults of all ages who are curious about their past and the history of Canada. Read more (press release; pdf). Retail price is $24.95.
The Ring
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